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Friday, August 20 • 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Special Screening: Fulldome Immersive Showcase

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Experience this collection of immersive short fulldome films at the Museum of Arts & Sciences. This special Immersive Showcase features the most innovative artistic content from around the world. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore museum exhibits and galleries after hours. The short film block will be screened twice with the first seating at 7:30pm and the second seating at 8:30pm.

Title: Black Mantis: The Build
Creator: Visual design : 4Pi Productions (GBR), Sound design : Deri Roberts (GBR)
Run Time: 4:54
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Ratings: None
Synopsis: The Build is part of the immersive audiovisual show Black Mantis, a collaboration between musician Deri Roberts and creative studio 4Pi Productions. Sound sculpture, electronica, and jazz evoke an ever-changing visual world, taking audiences on a journey from the microscopic to the celestial.

Title: New World
Creator,: created by: Natalia Oliwiak, music: Marta Gospodarek
Run Time: 11:00
Country of Origin: Polska
Ratings: None
Synopsis: New World - a sensory movie being sort of an urban/natural diptych juxtaposing two worlds: a modern metropolis and painterly landscapes. The show demonstrates the hazards of overstimulation people are subjected to while living in the center of the cities, as well as of subconscious longing for remaining in touch with nature.

Title: Babel
Creator,: Roman Gomes
Run Time: 4:07
Country of Origin: Argentina
Ratings: None
Synopsis: Babel is an animated short film that, through the surreal and symbolic, explores the technological communication devices and the isolation that they generate in people.

Title: Totalidad (Wholeness)
Creators: Director: John Melo Arreglos sonoros: Iván Agreda - John Melo, Programación y código: Nina Mesías Diseño, 3D: Ricardo Vargas Asesoría: Hache Tésis citada: Tesis Del pensamiento a la piedra y de la piedra al pensamiento. Piedras con dibujos en el valle de Sibundoy
Ana lucía Flórez Páez
Run Time:
Country of Origin: Colombia
Ratings: None
Synopsis: Wholeness is an audio and video experimental project, which relates art, technology and ancient knowledge. It asks about the Being and the Whole using evocations of surreal landscapes. Its concept was developed through interpretations of geometric patterns inside Pre-Columbian graphical practices, and my experiences with entheogens, (Yagé), in rituals with some people of knowledge who belong to the indigenous community kamëntša, Sibundoy (Putumayo, Colombia).

Title: Terra TV
Creator,: Marek Slipek
Run Time: 4:48
Country of Origin: Germany
Ratings: None
Synopsis: Between epic lightness, buzzing control monitors and nightmarish apocalypse terra tv
tells of the arrival of a species alien to us, whose signals and signs we cannot decipher. Much is implied without showing or telling in detail. The viewer is given the opportunity to complete the visuals hints with his or her own imagination. The story takes place – similar to a comic – between the panels.

Title: Suprematism
Creator,: Sergey Prokofyev, Studio Schwitalla
Run Time: 6:00
Country of Origin: Germany
Ratings: None
Synopsis: "The last futuristic exhibition of paintings 0.10” “Zero-ten” was an art exhibition which took place in Petrograd within the period between December 19, 1915 and January 17, 1916. The exhibition featured 36 works by Kazimir Malevich and his associates. Suprematism was presented as a new direction. This short-length film is the architectural and visual experiment in the creation of the spatial compositions based on the suprematic paintings from the exhibition “0,10”.

Stay late and experience a special encore screening of the festival's extreme, artistic fulldome block!


Title: Tudo Desconexo
Creator: Sarah Alvim
Run Time: 4:50
Country of Origin: Germany
Ratings: None
Synopsis: The phenomenological human -as the opposite of the rationally constructed world of form, color, and light- develops its speech in a poem written in symbols and three languages while trying to be none. The stage will no longer be muted as words attempt to disconnect from literature, deconstructing all form and reaching to be perceived as an unpredictable event, sometimes meaningful, sometimes not.

Title: Saravá
Creator: Pedro Rodolpho Ramos
Run Time: 15:36
Country of Origin: Brazil/Germany
Ratings: None
Synopsis: Saravá is an audiovisual composition about how empathic gestures can rise from cultural syncretism. Created with electroacoustic music and visual music animation, Saravá has language as an object of artistic research. The composition explores the meaning of comprehension through linguistic and psychoanalysis, and the voice, different spoken languages, and field recordings are its main sound objects. It is visually composed with algorithmically created digital arts.

Title: Double
Creator: Masashige Iida Butoh, Kazuko Mogami, Keiun Kim
Run Time: 44:00
Country of Origin: Japan
Ratings: None
Synopsis: The fulldome film, double, features a Butoh dance performance with a ball-jointed doll. When we look at a doll, we usually understand what it is through layers of social, contextual, and sentimental illusions, rather than purely seeing the doll itself. To acknowledge such a pure state of things—which we often dismiss—the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) introduced the concept of the ‘thing-in-itself’ (‘Ding an sich’ in German), while noting that the latter is potentially unfathomable. In the filmed performance, the Butoh dancer attempts to reveal her body itself (i.e., the ‘body-in-itself’, to borrow Kant’s words) through cultivating her sensibilities. By re-interpreting the ball-jointed doll through the Butoh dance, I would like to disrupt our shared perception of dolls. That is a re-manifestation of the doll—through which, I believe, we gain an alternative perspective towards the world.

Friday August 20, 2021 7:00pm - 9:30pm EDT
Museum of Arts & Sciences 4182 Forsyth Rd, Macon, GA 31210

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